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Tosca Nema

 Alessandro Pellegrini
Veredus & Sergio Grasso, Übersetzungskunde, Italien 

"Hello, my name is Allessandro Pellegrini. I have the pleasure of working with Tania Zimen for technical translations. The work she does for me and my clients, Veredus and Sergio Grasso, could not be better in terms of quality, professionalism and punctuality."

Persöhnliche Englischkurse Kunde, Frankreich 

"Salut tout le monde, je m'appelle Benjamin. Tania teaches me English. She has been teaching me English for one month and we work every week together with Zoom and we meet once a month. I have some difficulties and Tania adapts the lesson contents to things I like and to my difficulties. Du coup, allez-y, foncez!"

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